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Stretch Your Money on Very Fashionable Clothes

Stretch Your Money on Very Fashionable Clothes

Filling your wardrobe with fashionable gear does not need to be an expensive affair. In fact, with a few well chosen pieces, you can make the most out of your teen clothes on budget… and still have a few more dollars to spend. Here are some tips on how to be hip, happy and well clothed despite having a tight purse.

1. Always choose clothes that are easy to mix and match with just about everything. Clothes like these can be dressed up, dressed down, accessorized or what-have-you, thereby providing you a completely new outfit each and every time. Try to have at least two pairs of jeans and several pieces of clothing in base colors (black, brown, gray and white.) These could be easily partnered with almost anything.

2. Go for classic designs rather than what’s hot at the moment. The one thing you have to remember about fads is that these come and go, and may become passé before you can blink an eye. The last thing you need is to be stuck with a wardrobe full of unwanted fashion. Classic cuts, colors and styles will help extend the wear of your teen clothes on budget.

3. Always, always save your receipts, in case the clothes you bought do not match the rest of your wardrobe. Sure, the fitting at the store might have looked great on you, but then you end up with just one look – and one that you are not even sure you like. It would be better to return the piece of clothing, rather than spend more money trying to match it with other pieces, or trying to make it look good on you. After all, despite these pieces being teen clothes on budget, you still need to make sure that you would be comfortable to wear the same pieces several times over.

Fashion Tips For Looking Younger

Fashion Tips For Looking Younger

When you’re younger, it’s easy to look at “old lady” clothes and exclaim that you’ll never wear them, but in order to age gracefully, you should change your style somewhat as you age.

In other words, while it’s OK to reject the idea that you should dress like an older person (no matter how old you are), not changing your style can do more than you might think to draw attention to your age.

Let’s look at some good tips for looking younger through your fashion choices.

Change it up

First, many women fall into the common trap of sticking with a style that was once flattering long after it is flattering. For example, you might have found a style that worked beautifully for you when you were in your 20s.

The trouble with sticking with that style is two-fold – first, it’s likely out of style by the time you hit your 40s and it might simply be “too young” for you which will draw attention to your current age, which is completely contrary to what you’re trying to do.

Pay attention to season

To look young and stylish, it’s important to change your wardrobe with each season. That means paying attention to what’s in style, what’s new for each season and making appropriate changes.

In fact, think about making just one small change each season. Perhaps you like those clothes from your 20s and think they are perfectly in style for today’s times. But if you add a large scarf in the color of the season, or a fashionable new bag, you can be sure that your style is current and young.

Be appropriate

Dressing to look younger doesn’t mean wearing tummy-bearing tops and heels that are just too high. That only draws attention to the fact that you are not in your 20s anymore.

Instead, look at the best dressed young women you know. Pay attention to how they dress. It’s likely that if they are nicely dressed young women, you can get some clues from them. Maybe it’s a graphic T shirt that’s got a little more youth to it than your plain T. Maybe it’s jeans with some design on them. Both of these can add a youthful spirit to your look without looking inappropriate.

When in doubt, go traditional

Now, by traditional we don’t mean Chanel and polyester suits all the time. Not at all. In fact, that kind of dressing can make you look older (especially if you have also not updated your hair or makeup).

By traditional, we mean stick with the basics. If the thought of injecting too much youth into your wardrobe seems overwhelming, then don’t.

Instead, stock your closet with basics built around particular colors. If you love to wear black, focus on purchasing basics in black and white perhaps with red also thrown in for good measure.

Each season, add that trendy item we talked about (the bag that’s stylish right now, the large scarf, the patent belt) and you will immediately look not only pulled together, but in style as well. And that goes a long way toward making you look younger.

Hopefully you have gleaned some good ideas for keeping your style, current and young.

Guide to Purchase Decisions for Wholesale Fashion Clothing

Guide to Purchase Decisions for Wholesale Fashion Clothing

For all of you clothing shoppers out there, many items are up for grabs through wholesale fashion clothing. There are two types of consumers who buy clothing items in bulk: individuals who make redistribution of clothes a business and individuals who prefer to save on costs when buying items. You could buy just about any type of apparel you need. Whether you need women’s, men’s, and babies’ clothes, you could be sure you could easily and conveniently find and buy the items you need wholesale.

Before you buy wholesale fashion clothing, you should be involved first on the important task of deciding what type of apparel to buy. Logically, you could not just buy anything available in the wholesale market. There are many factors to consider. Which type of market do you target? What sizes do you need to buy? Are you decided on the fashion style or trend? Before you go on with the purchasing activity, be sure to first take care of the important decision-making process.

Do ample research on the type of wholesale fashion clothing you need to buy. The best tip you could observe is to always be updated on the latest fashion trends. If you are intending to sell the items to other people, you need to make sure the clothes are fashionable enough for consumers to like to buy those. Otherwise, you might incur losses because you may not be able to sell the items. And you might also not like to consider wearing those unfashionable items yourself.

Make a short list of sellers that could be found in your community or off the online media. It is not advisable to immediately choose a wholesaler if you are to buy wholesale fashion clothing. Be sure the wholesaler you choose is offering good, fashionable, and high-quality items. Most of all, it should offer wholesale fashion clothing at very reasonable prices. Do a simple comparison shop to easily determine which among the wholesalers in your list is offering the best value proposition.

It is also advisable to know more about the wholesale fashion clothing industry itself. As an entrepreneur who intends to retail clothing items to earn profits, you have to understand how pricing strategies work, where to find most manufacturers, and how much markup you could attach to each item. If you are transacting online, you also need to be more familiar about how to receive payments from your customers and of course how to pay your suppliers more conveniently and securely.

On a last note, always make sure you have a bottom line in your mind before going to any shopping spree for wholesale fashion clothing. Strive to find and buy the best and most fashionable items that your customers could surely like. There is no need to over price. Remember, these days, consumers are also budget-conscious because of the rough times. Clothing items that are of good quality, of good fashion, and of reasonable price tags would surely enjoy heavy patronage, which would ultimately result to greater profits you generate.

Tips to Selecting Eco Fashion Clothes

Tips to Selecting Eco Fashion Clothes

‘Eco fashion’ is a relatively new term in the fashion industry and it basically refers to clothes and accessories that are produced responsibly and are made using eco-friendly products. According to STEP (Sustainable Technology Education Product), eco-fashion clothes pay attention to “the environment, working conditions of the people in the [fashion] industry and the health of the consumers.” Thus, these clothes are the result of a conscious attempt to strike the perfect balance with nature while keeping all parties happy.

As you can see, eco-fashion clothes have a stringent criterion to live up to. So, they are made using natural, recycled organic raw materials. It is important that eco fashion clothes be organic because only then can they serve the purpose. For instance, most of our clothes are made of cotton. But, did you know that cotton crop accounts for a large share of pesticides used today? Thus, the thrust of eco fashion clothes is to use products that do not harm the environment in anyway, actively or passively. Eco-fashion clothes even go so far as to shun harsh, artificial chemicals and dyes. Additionally, these clothes are made in a responsible environment, by people who are earning fair wages for the honest labor they put in.

Some of the characteristics of true-blue eco-fashion is:

These clothes are generally locally made. So, they are made of eco-friendly materials.
Eco-fashion is 100% organic. Organic material is made using very little pesticide, if any.
Eco-friendly clothes are made in a fair and honest environment. You may probably have to pay more for these clothes, but you can wear them with pride and happiness because you know that the people manufacturing these clothes are paid their fair share. Thus, these clothes are made in an eco-conscious manner and are produced by eco-conscious companies.
Eco-fashion is recycled. Vintage stores have some of the best collections of recycled clothes. These clothes are trendy and they make use of recycled scarves, t-shirts, costumes and curtains.

These days, you can see an increasing desire to go green. Many superstars take great pride in showcasing their eco-fashion clothes. Others have even resorted to shocking advertisements in order to draw attention to the exploitation of animals in producing fashionable clothes. With all the negativity associated with it, fashion, as we knew it, is slowly undergoing a revolution. Today, ‘eco-fashion’ is displayed in high profile dos like the Fashion Week in NY and London. Many upscale retailers are also happy to house these products. That is why many designers are producing striking designs, styles and colors in eco-friendly clothes. With all this activity, the emerging green ‘belt’ of the world is undoubtedly catching the attention of many, many people.